September 9, 2010

A basket of bribes - German Apple Cake

German Apple Cake Cupcakes - Aren't they looking yummy?
The other day my husband needed some "goodies"- a basket of bribes- for a meeting so I suggested I make my German apple cake. Take some pictures and create another blogpost. I was thinking quick and easy. Mix all the ingredients in less than 5 minutes and up in the oven. This recipe has been in our family for years and usually it's baked in a rectangular baking pan. For the meeting purpose I decided to go with cupcake forms. I got it all done in less than 30 minutes and the house smelled so good. 

Ready to start writing and then I got thinking. How many calories are in this beautiful, tasty cupcake. I tried to add up all by hand but then I found this great tool online. This online calorie calulator allows you to add your recipe and then it spits out the count. Although I usually with my recipes have a good feel on the nutritional value and the so beloved calories I was a bit shocked when I saw the number for one  of those little cakes.

I did a bit research on healthy desserts. There are some that you find for about 100 calories. And even some desserts showed up under healthy and had the same amount of calories. But the amount of fat was a lot lower.

I sure love the apple cake and I am not saying you can't eat it. Even I had a few bites. But I decided to not put the recipe on this blog until I find a way of a less fatty version without loosing the great taste - or find some other healthier desert option. 


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