About me

I am not a professional cook nor do I claim to be an expert for healthy cooking. And I am not a food photographer either (but the pictures are taken from me). I just discovered a while back how healthy cooking can be fun.
About a year ago I tried to figure out how to loose some weight- which I packed on naturally after I stopped smoking- without getting on a special diet. My hours in the gym weren’t getting me anywhere. So I switched to working out with a personal trainer and starting working with weights. And I started to change my eating and cooking habits....and it worked.

My challenge: 

Cooking without a huge amount of calories
While still getting tasty food that my husband likes as well
While not having to eat lettuce or other leafy greens
Cooking healthy without breaking the bank
          And most importantly for me :
Not spending too much time in the kitchen.

Not much time in the kitchen

As much as I enjoy cooking now I usually do not spent more than 30- 40 minutes in the kitchen- including prep work. I guess that’s why I enjoy it and it’s no stress. Most of the time I get dinner started and on the table in under 30 minutes. All it takes is a bit of planning and coordination – but not too much. I don’t like to plan on Monday what I want to cook on Friday. And while I cook I still enjoy having a conversation and or watch the news.


Cooking healthy without spending too much

I usually research and try recipes that do not require a lot of ingredients or use mostly my standard pantry items. Once in a while I use some organic vegetables but usually I go just with regular stuff. So a lot of the recipes use similar items which makes it easier without it getting boring in the kitchen.


Low calories
I will refrain from posting any calorie information. Where I still have info from an adapted recipe I will post the link to get some kind of an idea of nutritional information. Most of the dinner recipes are no more than 600 or 700 calories, some of them even below. Mostly because there is no much oil or butter used.


Picky eater

While I am not afraid to try out new things there are just some things I just don’t like to eat. So don’t be surprise if you don’t find any leafy greens, especially salads in my recipe collection.I got accustomed to spinach and kale, but that’s as far as I go.

Being German

Although I have been living in the states now for more than 9 years there are certainly still some challenges when it comes to writing. I’ll try my best but please cut me some slack when it comes to grammar. Just let me know when I am not clear in my instructions.

Being german and just being me- I like facts, straight forward talk and being practical. So there are no long pages of writing. Just the necessary information to get the dish done and where I have I will share my shortcuts and tips to make things even easier.