July 10, 2010

Healthy Cooking – Easy Grilling inside

Before I share my favorite burger recipe talk about my favorite grill pan. When I started my healthy cooking journey I noticed that grilling was the ideal method for cooking meat.

Sure, there’s a gas barbeque outside, but I’m not keen on cooking outside in the winter. Not to mention, I still haven’t figured out how to use the BBQ .

After researching online, and shopping at the local mall, I chose the Analon grill pan. The price was reasonable, and the best 40 dollars I have spent on cookware. I even purchased for my folks in Germany and my in-laws.

I use the pan for grilling burgers, chicken, turkey , veggies, fish and sausages. I prefer to use olive oil spray when using this grill pan, but it’s not necessary. I heat the pan intially on high, and reduce to medium heat. The pan produces excellent char marks – same as on the BBQ. When I’m finished cooking with the pan, I put some water in the grill pan and let it soak.Clean up is simple and easy with the Analon Grill Pan .

When I travel with my husband and stay in a apartment or room with kitchenette we even take the pan with us.That’s how much we love it. One kitchen tool I do not want to go without anymore.

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