July 9, 2010

Loosing Weight - but not with a diet?

I still remember when I started looking into healthier food options. It all began watching Biggest Loser episodes on a Sunday afternoon. By then I was already frustrated.Despite me working out about an hour in the gym almost every day I kept gaining pound after pound - ever since I successfully stopped smoking.Within a year I added slowly about 15 pounds. I started to wonder what’s wrong because I don’t eat many sweets , deep fried food or fast food.

After that Biggest Loser tv marathon and knowing that I did not want to look for some special diet I bought the Jillian Michael's “Master your Metabolism” book . The message that stuck with me and made the most sense - get away from processed food. Back to the basics of cooking.

Oh boy, how is that gonna work I thought – I don’t like spending much time in the kitchen when it comes to preparing and cooking food. And I don’t want to have to buy all the special ingredients that you use only once in a while and then they go bad. How am I going to cook good meals within my 30 minutes kitchen time.Cooking food that taste good so my husband likes it too . Me being a picky eater does not make it any easier- I am not a leafy greens kinda person- so no salads for me.

So I started searching for recipes online, in magazines and books.Some of the great recipes I found as well as other little tricks I am starting to share here.

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